to wear

2010-09-29 kl. 23:57:14

Happiness is the best revenge

2010-09-26 kl. 20:52:05

"After many teenage years of wondering why I wasn't good enough and searching for that 'high school sweetheart', i've realized that everything happens when it's supposed to happen. Even though it may not go the way I want it to go, everything works out in the end. You have to learn to appreciate every moment life hands you and take nothing for granted. Love as much as you can, regret nothing, and smile. If you can do those things, happiness will follow you forever. Don't get down on yourself, for there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow is a clean, fresh slate full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns. Everything happens for a reason and happens when its supposed to happen. Believe in yourself, for staying true to yourself is something that will benefit you wherever you go."


Alone or lonley?

2010-09-23 kl. 13:38:42

Too much is never enough

2010-09-17 kl. 17:59:46

So tell me you need me

2010-09-13 kl. 20:30:49

We had a lovely evening, me and Marilena, germans are fun indeed. And mr French guy feels "confused". Haha oh so funny, why could that be I wonder...?

Last night we went to the local pub and drank guinness until I dropped. Fun and what a great start today. Or not.

Just remember that you're the best

2010-09-11 kl. 11:42:17

Om ni vill läsa om Dublin ------>

safe and sound

2010-09-06 kl. 18:01:34

Jag är här. Ungefär lika mycket nöjd som rädd. Att flyga var totalt underbart och jag träffade en trevlig familj från Galway på planet. De var snälla och gav mig deras nummer och saker. Jättesöta flickor.
I övrigt regnar det och jag har varit på Starbucks och druckit varm choklad med hasselnötssmak!

If you don’t get caught it’s not illegal

2010-09-02 kl. 17:59:23

oh what a lovely breakdown

2010-09-01 kl. 10:22:57

Han har skaffat en underbart fin flickvän.

Och jag har underbart fina vänner som jag kommer sakna. Jag börjar bli lite lätt nervös nu. Fast jag kan inte sluta le heller (exept from a few hours this morning when I cried my heart out). SJUKT spännande!
21 år. Dublin.
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